Why Every Artist should have Instagram?

Why Every Artist should have Instagram?

Today, social media is all in the rage. You can see tons of different platforms where you can join and create an account with. One of the most popular and biggest channels used by literally millions of people is Instagram. In fact, even artists have jumped into the bandwagon and created their own profile. If you too are wondering whether to join or not and thinking how it would help your art business, then make sure to read the entire content of this article.

However, there are artists who are reluctant to show their artwork using this platform for they see it as just a marketing burden.

Here’s the thing, compared to other social media channels known to man, Instagram is tailored for photos. From its user-friendly interface and stunning visuals, this application can effortlessly become your new favorite in sharing your art and showing your creative spirit at the same time. What’s more, you’d never know what opportunities and sales your account may lead to.

Setting a New World

Whether you believe it or not, Instagram has roughly 400 million active users every month and about 75 million of it are active users on a daily basis.

This is an enormous figure of users to potentially see your artwork. Instagram even has this “Search & Explore” feature to which art collectors and artists could sift through using hashtags. As for the artist’s part, this paves way for creating a new medium to bring their artworks closer to people.

It’s in Line with Your Skills and Talents

As you probably know already, Instagram is mainly visuals. Meaning to say, it can be the absolute perfect platform for you. This lets your imagery and art to be shown through its purest form. Sometimes, you do not even need to put fancy descriptions. The image alone says everything.

Instagram is crafted to be a socially-engaging gallery. People can also follow along, which is perfect for your art. You can even tell stories, share inspirations, disclose snippets of the process without saying a word. On top of that, you can also work with social media experts who can then deliver automatic likes on Instagram which then increases your followers and engagement.

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