What Makes a Good Hair and Make-up Designer

What Makes a Good Hair and Make-up Designer

Hair is the first most visible part of a person. The way it looks may or may not enhance an individual’s beauty and personality. It is indeed an important part of one’s physical appearance and sets the tone for your total look. Which is why some individuals who experience hair thinning look for remedies, such as hair regrowth capsules, in the market in the hopes of resolving the concern.

In any production, such as films, music videos, and theater plays, the right hairstyle and makeup are important to produce a perfect production. This is where hair and makeup designers reveal their artistic side. Each performs a critical and frequently these roles are underappreciated. Creativity and advance skills are needed to design the hair and makeup for the actors or models in a way suitable to the characters and production. Hence, hair and makeup artists can have a great impact on the characters they style and the production itself.

Hair Designers Appropriating Hairstyles For Various Occasions

Similar to costume designers and make up designers, hair designers must examine and assess the work in question and then craft the hairstyles that is fitting to the era, setting, and style.

Normally, hair designers work with the director as well as costume designer to produce an appropriate style for every character. This also include collaborating with the performers to know what they’re prepared to change. Will they be willing to cut off or drastically change their hairstyle for the part? The hair designer may also have the option to utilize hair extensions, wigs, toupees, false mustaches, beards, or sideburns for some looks. These may be styled or modified further to reach the needs of the production.

Make up designers also encounter obstacles both in the creative and practical level in any production. The makeup designer must essentially create a look that is proper to the style of the work being staged and must meet the director’s.

The process of work for both the hair and makeup artists usually involves carefully analyzing the script, creative dialogue with the director as well as with the costume designer, after which research, drafting, sketching and note-taking on design takes place.


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