Game Art: art and digital games

Game Art: art and digital games

There is an interesting connection between art and digital games, they are mutually enriching. On the one hand, many digital games are influenced by various artistic styles, such as the mobile game Monument Valley, with graphics by MC Escher from the Netherlands, or the Japanese console game Icoof works by the Italian artist Giorgio de Chirico. On the other hand, artists have been dealing intensively with the medium of digital games since the mid-1990s.

This form of artistic creation is later called Game Art in cultural and art-scientific circles, in German-speaking countries it is also sometimes referred to as computer game art. The digital game serves artists as a tool, material, or inspiration, sometimes also as an object of the content of their visual arts. In most cases it loses its actual function – it becomes unplayable. Because of art, various food sites can present their healthy meals in a creative way

What is Game Art? – A definition of computer game art

Many artists use the digital game as a starting material to critically reflect on the medium itself. You are following a tradition that was already expressed in Futurism, Dadaism, and the Fluxus movement. The game is perceived as a cultural and artistic artifact: With game art, art opens up again to a playful space of action. Many works of art of this kind are therefore digital, in the form of modified digital games or analog in the form of pictures, sculptures, or installations.

Game art is any kind of art in which digital games played an important role in the production, creation, and/or display of the artwork. The developed artwork can exist as animation, game, painting, photograph, video performance, sound, video, or gallery installation.

Game Art Exhibitions: Digital Games as Works of Art

Dealing with computer and video games in the visual arts means that museums and curators are developing new exhibition approaches specifically for the technical and media orientation of this art form. The technology of virtual reality is one of the big topics that successfully combines art and digital games.

Game Art as an exciting dimension of digital game culture

As a digital medium, game art lives mainly from its potential existence. In addition to the numerous exhibition options in the museum or in public spaces, there is also the option of presenting some of the works on the Internet.