Art and Craft – How Do They Differ?

Art and Craft – How Do They Differ?

Painting, weaving, sculpture, photography, pottery, macrame, embroidery, even making the best mattress and much more, are these considered an art or a craft?

Important Dissimilarities Between Art and Craft

Art and craft are two types of creativeness that are usually put side by side by most individuals, since the difference or disparity between them aren’t seen or understood. Nonetheless, art and craft, in actuality, differ from each other in a nous that the art is a creative capability or aptitude that emanates from within. In contrast, the craft is a practiced or skillful work in which there is the presence and application of skills and technique, that individuals acquire and learn by means of continuous, consistent, and much practice. Art begins and develops from the heart, whilst craft emerges from the mind.

What is art?

The terminology “art” is depicted as an expression, application and manifestation of ideas, imagination, emotional state, opinions, or any other human creativeness and imaginativeness, into visual images or forms that have an appealing as well as an emotional significance and merit. The arts include photography, videography, painting, architectures, dancing, singing, sculpture, and much more. Art is a flexible, amorphous type of work that can’t be reproduced. For instance, Leonardo Da Vinci, a famous painter who created the ‘Monalisa,’ is a fantastic example of art that cannot be reproduced.

An art piece is created or produced with the aim of provoking or rousing an individual’s feelings. It has an immeasurable expression as well as an unlimited and varying interpretation and understanding, which relies on the viewer or audience.

What is craft?

“Craft” indicates activities that requires or entails specific skills, know-hows and experience in the conception or formation of tangible objects that are made by hand and carryout a certain purpose or function. It is described as the making, production, or construction of those objects that has function or usefulness for individuals. The purpose or intention could be for ornamental or functional purposes, or both, reliant on the specific use of the object.

Craft is a conception of the mind, that fascinates and appeals to people. It is an ability or skill that is learned and developed by a person as a result of regular and repeated practice.

Craft includes handmade things like woven basket and mats, bird houses, embroidery, jewelry, candles, pottery, glass work and more.

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