A Quick Look at Archery as a Popular Entertainment Theme

A Quick Look at Archery as a Popular Entertainment Theme

While archers with bow and arrows have been popular subjects in earlier arts and literature, it can also be noted that most fictional modern heroes of today are archery experts.



Archery dates as far back as prehistoric times, being the principal weapon used for hunting, and later as protection for and against aggression and annihilation. In the earliest civilizations, Egyptians and Greeks even held competitions in challenging the skills of those who vied for higher positions, or in claiming a coveted prize.




It wasn’t until the 5th century B.C. that the first crossbow was invented somewhere in East Asia; although many believe it was in China. Still, there were pieces of evidence that the Greeks made composite crossbows made of wood, sinew and horn as early as the 4th century. The Greeks called them Gastraphetes, which meant ‘belly-bow.” Mainly because an archer had to lean his belly against a notch built-in at the buff end of the weapon, in order to cock it.

According to Chinese historians, improvements in crossbow technology came around and produced the repeating crossbows used as military weapons in 234 A.D. It was called Zhuge crossbows, after its inventor Zhuge Liang, a Chinese military adviser. Since then, improvements one after another, including the so-called torsion power that allows strings to loop back to normal, brought the different versions of the crossbows available today.

Superhero creators in movies and TV series, as well as in video games, have demonstrated why modern crossbows have become a popular choice for hunting and/or sports. Below is a list of some of the unforgettable movie and TV characters who made their mark as archery experts:

Most Admired Archer Characters of Today’s Entertainment Media

Aside from accuracy, agility and patience, archery skills have made the fictional characters described below, popular in the entertainment world. Presumably, their respective creator/s referenced an archerypowers list in giving impressive skills to these hero characters.

Hawkeye who gained incredible attention as the ultimate archer of the Avengers team. Aside from shooting arrows with accuracy even when throwing them without aiming, and at the same time performing incredible stunts, made Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye an easy favorite of the superhero genre.

Daryl Dixon, any fan of “The Walking Dead” TV series knows who Daryl is. Norman Reedus, the actor behind the character, is quite convincing with the way he portrays Daryl because he actually hones his archery skills in order to perfect his crossbow scenes.


Although not the typical affable and well-groomed hero character that viewers might come to love, Daryl emerged as one of the strongest and most reliable characters in the TV series. Many who were drawn to Daryl’s character were surprised to get to know Norman Reedus, as they later found out that in real life, he is so different from Dary Dixon’s unsmiling and aloof persona.

Green Arrow, the alter ego of Oliver Jonas Queen, who gained tremendous followers not only because of the storyline used by the show. Stephen Amell was so effective in projecting character transformations, and in executing stunts; including routine workouts that made him a powerful vigilante for villains to reckon with. Not to forget that his arrows and bow could also pull off some amazing and unexpected tricks.

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