Forms of Visual Art

Forms of Visual Art

There are three primary forms of Visual Art. Subcategories are available in each of these types. Usually, these forms are misrepresented or more frequently, confusing. Regardless if the artwork is three-dimensional sculpture or perhaps two dimensional, it will still tumble under one of those three major types. These forms are representational, abstract, as well as non-objective.

Representational Art

Representational art is designed to represent specific objects or themes from the real world. Sub categories below representational art involve Realism, Idealism, and Stylization. All of these types symbolize real subjects from existence. Though some of these types are getting toward abstraction, they continue to slip under the classification of representation. Representational art is possibly the most ancient of the three kinds of art.

Abstract Art

The often misinterpreted type of art identified as abstraction is designed to take themes from reality but offer them an approach that is diverse from the way they are seen in our reality. This may carry the form of concentrating on lines, shapes, or colors that convert the subject. Abstract art contains the subcategories of Minimalism, Cubism, as well as Precisionism. Abstraction can also occur when the artist chooses to look at the subjects in a non- conventional manner. Abstraction is fairly new to the art world, having it’s original roots in the abberation from fact taken by the Impressionists.

Non-Objective Art

The third kind of art is often taken wrongly for Abstract art even though it is completely different from it. Non-Objective art takes absolutely nothing from reality. It is made purely for aesthetic explanations. The purpose of Non-objective art is to utilize the elements and concepts of art in a way that benefits in a visually revitalizing work. It is solely that simple.

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