Art conservation and restoration

Art conservation and restoration

any effort to save and repair structures, paintings, drawings, images, sculptures, and physical objects of the decorative arts such as glassware, metalware, textiles, ceramics, furniture and many others that have been negatively affected by neglect, willful destruction, or, typically, the unavoidable corrosion caused by the results of time and human use on the products of which they are designed.

What do conservation and restoration mean in arts 

The word art conservation implies the maintenance and security of artworks and their defense from potential damage and decay. Art restoration, in comparison, indicates the repair or reconstruction of artworks that have currently endured damage or decay and the pursued restoration of these objects to something nearing their original undamaged look. Improvements in science, technological innovation and the progress of conservation as a career in the 20th century have brought about safer and more efficient methods of researching, preserving, and repairing art pieces. Art conservation has to turn into an essential tool of exploration; it is a common process among professional conservators to record remedies with pictures and written reviews.



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The importance of conservation and restoration

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