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A lot of artists find their inspiration in nature since nature itself provides incalculable sources of inspiration.

Game Art: art and digital games

There is an interesting connection between art and digital games, they are mutually enriching. On the one hand, many digital games are influenced by various artistic styles, such as the mobile game Monument Valley, with graphics by MC Escher from the Netherlands, or the Japanese console game Icoof works by the Italian artist Giorgio de Chirico. On the other hand, artists have been dealing intensively with the medium of digital games since the mid-1990s.

This form of artistic creation is later called Game Art in cultural and art-scientific circles, in German-speaking countries it is also sometimes referred to as computer game art. The digital game serves artists as a tool, material, or inspiration, sometimes also as an object of the content of their visual arts. In most cases it loses its actual function – it becomes unplayable. Because of art, various food sites can present their healthy meals in a creative way

What is Game Art? – A definition of computer game art

Many artists use the digital game as a starting material to critically reflect on the medium itself. You are following a tradition that was already expressed in Futurism, Dadaism, and the Fluxus movement. The game is perceived as a cultural and artistic artifact: With game art, art opens up again to a playful space of action. Many works of art of this kind are therefore digital, in the form of modified digital games or analog in the form of pictures, sculptures, or installations.

Game art is any kind of art in which digital games played an important role in the production, creation, and/or display of the artwork. The developed artwork can exist as animation, game, painting, photograph, video performance, sound, video, or gallery installation.

Game Art Exhibitions: Digital Games as Works of Art

Dealing with computer and video games in the visual arts means that museums and curators are developing new exhibition approaches specifically for the technical and media orientation of this art form. The technology of virtual reality is one of the big topics that successfully combines art and digital games.

Game Art as an exciting dimension of digital game culture

As a digital medium, game art lives mainly from its potential existence. In addition to the numerous exhibition options in the museum or in public spaces, there is also the option of presenting some of the works on the Internet.

The Impact of Social Media in Spreading Cancer Facts

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In regards to cancer prevention, evident advice from reputable organizations has a greater advantage on social networking than private accounts of individuals, brand the new University of California, Davis, the study indicates.

Researchers looked at tens of thousands of Twitter messages to recognize the impacts of the sort of sender (people or organizations) and content type (essential info and details or private tales). They discovered that individuals, particularly patients of the best cancer hospital in Hyderabad, shared informational tweets regarding cervical cancer prevention more than personal-experience tweets. What’s more, individuals shared data from company senders, whatever the content, instead of individual senders.

The findings have been released in Preventive Medicine.

The newspaper’s lead author, Jingwen Zhang, assistant professor of communication at UC Davis, said that the study demonstrates that physicians, public health associations, and other respectable entities could have the ability to use social networking efficiently for preventative maintenance.

“Public health businesses might discover social networking a powerful tool to increase awareness and provide advice,” she explained. “Should they create their messages easy and clear, individuals are more inclined to share it.”

Patient uptake of cervical cancer avoidance is reduced

Though early detection and treatment for cervical cancer and its precursors reduce cervical cancer mortality, most people’s involvement in avoidance measures is reduced. Just about 83% of women get preventative screenings, along with also a mere 43% of women ages 13 to 17 get the suggested variety of vaccines to the human papillomavirus, or HPV, which causes cervical cancer treatment, according to the research.

Ladies get the maximum cervical cancer prevention advice via patient-doctor communicating, but lots of women do not have primary care doctors or a consistent supply of healthcare, researchers stated. Public health targets traditionally utilize posters, advertising, and websites, but with limited results. Over 4,000 deaths per year lead to cervical cancer. Approximately 13,000 fresh cervical cancer analyses are created annually, according to the researchers.

“Social networking, utilized by 88% of young adults and 78% of adults, may help disperse prevention messaging,” Zhang explained.


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To finish the research endeavor, scientists observed that an archived Twitter dataset of nearly 100,000 tweets citing such important phrases and words including “HPV vaccination,” “pap evaluation,” and also “Gardasil,” which is the name for a frequent HPV disease. From this information, they got the most common 3,000 tweets. One of those, 462 encouraged cancer prevention and demonstrated the sender form (person or business) and material type (anecdote or reality ).

Researchers then generated a controlled social networking environment working with an anonymous internet discussion system for U.S. girls to talk about dangers and avoidance five times in 2017. They gave the classes illustration tweets that consisted of personal experiences, like girls sharing social websites in which they’d only had their first pap smear, in addition to factual data, like: “Many cervical cancers may be avoided by viewing & HPV vaccination.”

The results demonstrated that although a fantastic philosophical narrative could be shared on several occasions, and in 1 instance was the very best tweet, the majority of the multiply stored messages included qualitative info.

“Around these tweets, our constant finding was that tweets were more inclined to be shared once they arrived from company senders and comprised factual info,” Zhang explained.

“These findings imply that professionals can efficiently design interpersonal media-based messages for cervical cancer prevention which greatly boost the range of the messages into societal networking consumers,” Zhang reasoned. “The findings reinforce the value of public confidence in organizations instead of people to discuss cancer prevention communications.

“The essential strategy is to raise the credibility of your reports and also to build messages which directly communicate fresh factual information and sources.”


How To Sell Inherited Original Artworks

If you inherited several old paintings of which all of them are originals, you can actually sell them (that is if you don’t like to keep them). But first, of course, you will need to know how much it is worth. You may also need to know if the paintings you inherited are currently on demand. Once you have a good estimate of your original paintings and the demand in the market, you can now decide where to sell them – auction or gallery. You can even decide to sell your inherited pieces of art online.

How To Estimate Artworks

Estimating your inherited works of art is easier than math assignments that sometimes you would need to hire “do my math homework” services to have it solved. For an estimate of your paintings, it is best to contact an auction house: the professionals follow the art market continuously and know the current prices. The two industry leaders Christie’s and Sotheby’s let you have the images valued free of charge and without obligation. They will also tell you whether it is even worth offering the work at auction.

For paintings by locally known artists and less expensive works, it is better to turn to smaller auction houses. Estimates are also possible based on well-made photos of the works of art.

If you would like written expertise to have the paintings insured against theft, you can also contact an auction house or commission the Institute for Art Research in your area. Most of the experts calculate prices based on the time required. For example, the Swiss Institute for Art Research demands 900 francs for researching the authenticity of an object and 300 francs for an approximate valuation.

Going to an auction house is also recommended for selling a work of art. It can take a long time for a gallery to find an interested party. You can usually negotiate better conditions with gallery owners because the owners are not bound by the guidelines of large houses. Be sure to get multiple quotes. Auction houses usually collect 15 percent of the price when they sell an image. This commission is only reduced for very valuable paintings.

How Artistic People Benefit the Workplace

Unsure economic circumstances have provoked organizations to rethink their hiring application method and entice top talent. In their journey to look for the best applicants, a lot of companies have now thought that they have to look beyond academic abilities and knowledge.

They are looking for people who can not only accomplish their task at hand but also bring new ideas to the table. Creative thinkers and proactive resources are, consequently, popular in the present times as they can help a company be successful in the right path. Below are some ways in which company or business owners can benefit from accepting creative individuals who think outside the box:

Creativity Provides New Answers For Tough Situations

In the present time’s extremely competitive scene, corporations have to have an advantage so as to win the trust and confidence of their customers. Moreover, with clients becoming more troublesome, corporations need to come up with inventive problem solving and innovative answers for difficult hurdles in the workplace.

Artistic People Easily Find New Opportunities

By thinking creatively, inventive employees help companies find new opportunities to improve. As creative workers do not understand in just doing what they are told to do, they confer more engagement and proactivity in observing and looking for other events and opportunities.

In doing so, they surpass expectations and take up jobs with bigger desire. For the majority companies in the present day, the greatest challenge is to recognize the perfect opportunities and leverage them for good results.

Creative Thinkers Ask Questions Even Before the Customers Do

For the majority managers, a major challenge is to obtain an accurate reply from his/her teammates. Even if the team members are honest in their evaluation, it is not unnatural to encounter people who do not spend too much time reflecting and minutely assessing everything. Here are some of the Top Nigerian Jobs that most of the time requires creativity.

Creative Employees Have A Wider Scope And Approach

Not like scientific thinkers who have a set way of making things, explaining situations, and coming up at conclusions, inventive employees have a wider strategy. No two artistic employees will respond to a situation in a similar way. That said, their paths will vary from one another.


Inception Movie Passed the Viewer’s Expectations

Seeing comes before words. It is seeing which establishes our place in the surrounding world; we explain that world with words, but words can never undo the fact that we’re surrounded by it. The connection between what we see and what we know is not settled. How we see things is influenced by what we know or what we think.

How artists present their work directly influences the way a spectator perceives it. Very good artists try to control the viewer’s environment by giving insightful views to invoke and optimize attention and comprehension. The functions of Chris Nolan, Nan Goldin, along with Lady Gaga are shining examples of artists displaying their work in a manner that manipulates the viewer’s awareness of the artist’s greatest advantage. Therefore, these three musicians will be utilized to support the argument that the best way modern-day artists influence the viewer’s perception of the work for their advantage, is through considerable use of the press.

Advertising Campaign

Let’s immediately inspect the way among Chris Nolan’s best works, “Inception” affects the viewer’s perception. The film”Inception” is among the most prosperous films of all time grossing upwards of $800 million. Nolan’s use of a successful advertising campaign proved to be a crucial element in this film’s success. Compared to the majority of film trailers, the trailers of “Inception” remained true to the”hype”. In reality, the majority of moviegoers praised the film for surpassing their expectations. The advertising effort escalated the publicity garnered from the movie, the number of moviegoers prepared to venture out into the cinemas, and thus the earnings and sales generated via this film.

Psychological Perception

Now let’s concentrate our attention on assessing the inherent psychological theories within “Inception”. There’s parallelism between Nolan’s role as the movie’s director as well as the functions of the architects of this movie’s dream realms. Rather than performing “beginning” on Fischer, Nolan plays”beginning” on the crowd by efficiently planting the thought that this film was worth spending money to watch in theatres.

Likewise to movie directors, Cobb and his team disregard perceptions of touch, odor, and flavor, focusing solely on assigning visual and aural capabilities. They work tirelessly to hide how the worlds that they create are finite places at a psychological studio lot. When they will need to change scenes, then they do this using discernible musical prompts.

Music and Soundtrack

The soundtrack amplifies the viewer’s psychological attachment to the fanciful realms generated over the 2-hour path of the film. Based on Hans Zimmer,” the soundtrack of Inception is full of nostalgia and despair to match Cobb’s feelings. “The soundtrack of “Inception” written by Zimmer, takes the viewer on an expected emotional journey which carries the viewer through a climactic catharsis of emotion and renders it complacent.

By comparison, a soundtrack written by Bertolt Brecht will jolt the viewer by alienating and bothering it to embrace an analytical perspective. This prognosis will alert the viewer to know about the manager’s effort to “incept” them by highlighting the built and changeable nature of the picture’s reality.