The Art of Babysitting – The New Era Baby Sitters

The Art of Babysitting – The New Era Baby Sitters

n New York, talented artists are being rented by the hour not to perform to adult audiences but to babysit.

Do you know there are more parents who believe that only the creative will survive in a future filled with the competition? This is the main reason a group of artists in New York is out not to perform but to babysit, they are called the art sitters. They are not the typical Babysitter Dubai. The ar sitters based in New York go our once a week, they fan out to teach children how to sketch, twist bracelets, sing their favorites, dance the tango or hip-hop, and stage a play.

The Art Sitters Business Module

As of the moment, it is a working business model. We all know artists struggle while waiting for their first sale and first gig. And even then if the first gig happened, they will have to wait on tables, or accept some odd jobs to make ends meet. But with this new business scheme, there is a good opportunity for each artist to put their talents to better use.

The babysitter as an artist is a form of support and patronage for the arts, for the people who put effort to keep the culture intact. This type of patronage is a way for the upper businessmen to sponsor artists directly rather than an indirect sponsorship to organizations not knowing where the money had been spent.

A medical doctor in New York hires an art sitter for her sons’ ages 2 and 4. She feels she is directly contributing to the arts by directly hiring an artist in lieu of a regular babysitter. She is happy that one day the sitter will find her way through auditions and real gigs. Nonetheless, she is happy to help in any way she can to help artists one way or the other.

In the United States compared to European countries, there is a huge difference when it comes to financing for the arts. That’s the main reason aspiring artists who have the passion would need to do odd jobs while waiting for their next successful audition.

While there are not yet as many parents who are convinced to put the care of their children under an artists’ care, those who have tried and patronized the service says they too felt the same. But after weeks of getting their services, they are convinced that their children are in good hands and are learning new things.


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