Guiding Children to Live Streaming and Vlogging

Guiding Children to Live Streaming and Vlogging

In today’s digital era, more and more children are aspiring to become YouTubers. Thus, this also influencers the growth of live streaming on social networks, it’s now essential to get to grips with the phenomenon of children broadcasting themselves online.

However, as parents you should also be mindful of guiding your children to what they do in social media and even the type of content they post online. With that, we have enumerated a few tips to help you out!


Help Them Organize Their Channel

Organizing their channel means you are also helping them organize when is the right time to upload a new video, engage with their audience and even the appropriate time to start editing their videos.

As a parent, your ultimate goal is to ensure that you let them know that they also have a life outside social media and youtube. It is for sure that this kind of career is enticing and inviting but they are just kids. With that, make sure that they can still do good in school, do chores and have bonding moments with the whole family.

Define Their Purpose

Help them define their purpose and what they wanted to do in youtube. Do they want to do make up tutorials?  Toy reviews? Travel? Or dancing? Singing?

Anything that they wanna be, but make sure that you also guide them to the third tip…

Content Uploading

There are a lot of videos you can find on Youtube- both are good and bad. You can find all types of videos here too at Tubidy .

But as children are vulnerable to these videos, you have to be the guiding force in ensuring that they only post contents that is inline with their niche. As parent, you have to be very sure that what they do on their videos are appropriate accordingly to their age.

Invest in Advertising

Lastly, of course as a parent you will all be all supportive for your children’s career. With that, you want to gain more subscribers on YouTube in a flash, you can go ahead and invest in YouTube advertising. 

There are many kinds of YouTube advertising and you can just choose from any of them. They include: 

  • Display Ads, 
  • Overlay Ads, 
  • Skippable and non-skippable video ads, 
  • Bumper ads, and
  • Sponsored cards.

They will allow you to target a specific audience and they will help you get more subscribers on your channel.