Breda Is A Place Where Art Is Famous

Breda Is A Place Where Art Is Famous

Media research helps to gain insight into the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the latest media industry. Explore different types of media, such as radio, movies,photos, publishing, advertising and social media.

As a European modern country, the Netherlands retains its high intercontinental character and is well-known for its free spirit. There are many schools in Netherlands. Countries have recently en-owned for their high-quality teaching and operate high quality business courses turned their titles into bachelor or masters programs.

There are two types of college: Academic (theoretical knowledge, also known as “college”) or Applied Science (more on real knowledge, “Hogeschool”).

The beautiful city of Breda is known for its perfect vacation. Nevertheless, lots of people know that there are excellent educational schools just like NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences.


Study in the Netherlands

College/Universities of Media/Arts


  1. Royal College of Art’s

(IMD) Interactive Media Design teaches students to become designers of interactive concepts and processes at the Royal College of Art’s (KABK) IM D specifies individuals and processes, and connections amongst people and products. This idea is our flagship product, and IMD students think in non-media particular conditions and later convert them into concepts, multimedia and meta-media or cross-media applications.

Students work with real examples and commissions focused on international markets. We use English in all our courses to enhance our students’ expertise and accessibility for international audiences. As the demand for media designers continues to grow, IMD gives training for independent, conceptual, creative, social and integrated designers.

2. Breda University

The owner of media innovation is a very international plan. Many of our students and faculty are not only international students, but will also stay in touch with foreign researchers and industry mates within the course. it is also a worl-wide industry, where graduates of media innovation can work in this industry.

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