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08/28/2010 Freedom Watch w/ Judge Napolitano on Church, State, and Liberty

Here’s a clip from this weekend’s show from Fox News. There doesn’t appear to be a youtube version of the full show posted this week that we can find. If someone locates one please let us know in the comment section and we’ll update the post.

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08/21/2010 Freedom Watch w/ John Stossel, Michelle Bachmann, Jacob Hornberger, Rob Kampia, S.E. Cupp, Joe Wilson, more,

Here is this weekend’s edition of Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano. The Judge spends much of the first part of the show discussing the drug war and efforts at legalization and decriminalization.


(Thanks to the Patriot’s Network for posting these on Youtube)

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Let “Freedom Watch” Ring!

The Southern Avenger, Jack Hunter, released a wonderful review of Judge Napolitano and Freedom Watch recently. He asserts that “Freedom Watch is poised to become a powerhouse of conservative and libertarian thought.” Watch it below.

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08/14/2010 Freedom Watch w/ Rand Paul, John Stossel, Neil Cavuto, Thomas Sowell, more

Here is this weekend’s edition of Freedom Watch w/ Judge Napolitano.


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