What is Digital Art?

What is Digital Art?

Digital art is like all other art. It just is formed using different tools than the more traditional arts. Art isn’t about the tools wont to create it. It’s about the vision, message, or emotion of the artist. Photography may be a medium through which artists may create art.

Digital Photography
The artist uses a digital or conventional camera. the pictures are digitized and translated to the pc environment where the artist uses image editing and tricks software to perform darkroom-type manipulations. This combines the disciplines of photography and painting. The artist uses image editing and painting software to travel beyond darkroom techniques to feature further expression to the image.

Digital Collage
This is the bits_piecesa technique of mixing many images from varying sources into one image. This is often most ordinarily achieved by the employment of layering techniques in image editing and paint software. The artist may additionally use images from x-rays or radar to supply images that the attention doesn’t normally see, which expands the realm of human perception. this can be the “mixed media” of the digital art world. Artists combine any number of techniques to attain unique results. The digital environment is far less restricted than conventional mediums during this kind of integration and manipulation.

Vector Drawing
The artist uses vector drawing software and creates the image totally within the virtual environment. This makes use of shapes that are outlined and might be full of various colors and patterns. This tends to supply a harder-edged or graphic look.

This is art produced exclusively by mathematical manipulations. this can be the so-called “computer-generated” art. The art here lies within the invention of the mathematical formulas themselves and therefore the way the programs are written to require advantage of the display capabilities of the hardware. The art also lies within the creative intentions and subsequent selections of the artist/mathematician.