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06/26/2010 Freedom Watch w/ Ron Paul, John Duncan, Sheriff Richard Mack, & More

Freedom Watch’s third show on the Fox Business Channel is now available for viewing:

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06/19/2010 Freedom Watch w/ Glenn Beck, John Stossel, Dennis Kucinich, more

Freedom Watch’s second show on the Fox Business Channel is now available for viewing.


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Jacob Hornberger and the NY Times touts Freedom Watch on TV

A frequent guest of the Judge, Jacob Hornberger, wrote a nice article giving his own views of the debut of Freedom Watch on the Fox Business channel over the weekend.

The judge’s inaugural show was billed as the Tea Party Summit, and featured such politicians as Sarah Palin, Sen. Jim DeMint, former congressman Dick Armey, congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendall, Senate candidate Rand Paul, and libertarian congressman Ron Paul. What fascinated me about the program was how the judge, in his inimitable friendly and diplomatic style, caused the conservative and liberal panelists to point out where they stood in the context of libertarian positions on the burning issues of the day.

When was the last time you saw a television program in which statists were asked to explain or justify their position on the drug war, the Patriot Act, civil liberties, Iraq, Afghanistan, the U.S. government’s overseas military empire — and all from a standpoint of libertarianism? My answer: this was the first time ever.

Read the full article.

Hornberger also mentions the decent article about the show published in the New York Times on Sunday that is definitely worth checking out.

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Podcast: 05/28/2010 Freedom Watch 116 w/ Michelle Shephard, Scott Horton, Lew Rockwell

Freedom Watch 116 audio podcast.

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