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05/19/2010 Freedom Watch 114 w/ Rand Paul, Walter Williams

Freedom Watch 114 is ready for viewing with guests Rand Paul and Walter E. Williams.

Rand Paul on his big primary victory in Kentucky.

Walter E. Williams on the free market helping the poor.

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Walter E. Williams
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05/18/2010 Freedom Watch 113 w/ Phillip Cosby, Steve Horwitz, BJ Lawson, Richard Mack

Freedom Watch 113 is now up and ready for viewing. The first segment has the Judge getting riled up a bit when he responds to one of his guests with, “You don’t want to answer the Constitutional question!”

Phillip Cosby and Steve Horwitz debate on regulating sexually-oriented businesses.

BJ Lawson on his recent primary win and his campaign for liberty and limited government.

Richard Mack on horrid drug raid.

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Richard Mack
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Podcast: 05/10/2010 Freedom Watch 112 w/ Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Steve Horwitz, Bob McDavid, Mike Ferguson, Jacob Hornberger, Eli Lake

Freedom Watch 112 audio podcast.

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Podcast: 05/05/2010 Freedom Watch 111 w/ Ron Paul, Walter Williams, Lew Rockwell

Freedom Watch 111 audio podcast.

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