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Another Freedom Watch LIVE Event: Ron Paul and the Judge in Ohio

On Monday, March 8th at 7pm Eastern Freedom Watch will be broadcast live from Ohio State University. The event is sponsored by the Ohio State University chapter of the Young Americans for Liberty (YAL).

You can watch the show live at

The event will last for 2 hours. The second hour features a speech by Congressman Ron Paul. Singer/Songwriter Jordan Page will also be performing. You can watch a video (recorded just after CPAC in Washington DC) for his song, “Liberty”, below.

Full details for the event are available at

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Podcast: 03/03/2010 Freedom Watch 89 w/ Ron Paul, Joshua Katz

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Podcast: 03/02/2010 Freedom Watch 88 w/ John Lott, Ilya Shapiro, Eric Bolling, Walter Williams

Freedom Watch 88 audio podcast.

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Podcast: 03/01/2010 Freedom Watch 87 w/ Daniel Hannan, Cody Willard, Adam Kokesh

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