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03/30/2010 Freedom Watch 98 w/ Bob Shultz, Walter Williams, John Collison

Freedom Watch 98 is now ready for viewing below.

Bob Shultz on restoring the Constitution.

Walter Williams on government’s abuse of power.

John Collison on Canadian “free speech”.

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Walter Williams
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John Collison
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03/29/2010 Freedom Watch 97 w/ Gary Johnson, Jacob Hornberger

Freedom Watch 97 has been posted. Check it out below. There are currently 2 segments posted. We’ll update this post if a third becomes available.

Gary Johnson on pot prohibition.

Jacob Hornberger on Health Care law and SCOTUS.

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Jacob Hornberger
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Freedom Watch update: New “official” site and more

Fox has created a brand new web site for Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch. The new site is more user-friendly than the previous incarnation. Check it out at:

Also note that each week’s show segments are broadcast each Friday at 1pm on Fox’s “Strategy Room” live streaming channel at:

We will continue to embed Freedom Watch videos and post any information about the show here on this “fan” site, but there will be times we are a bit late with posting the embedded videos. So if this site doesn’t show what you are looking for, then checking the main site is a good idea. The more traffic we send to Fox the better chance the show has of getting on TV.

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03/24/2010 Freedom Watch 96 w/ Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, Rick Torres

Freedom Watch 96 w/ Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, and Rick Torres is now ready for viewing below.

Ron Paul on health care reform.

Lew Rockwell on health care and individual liberty.

Rick Torres on his candidacy.

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Lew Rockwell
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Rick Torres
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