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Podcast: 02/16/2010 Freedom Watch 82 w/ Gerald Celente, Andy Goss, Lew Rockwell

Freedom Watch 82 audio podcast.

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Podcast: 02/18/2010 Freedom Watch LIVE From CPAC w/ Tom Woods, Jacob Hornberger, Tom DiLorenzo, Mike Church, David Boaz

Freedom Watch CPAC Live Special audio podcast.

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02/24/2010 Freedom Watch 86 w/ Debra Medina, Karen Kwiatkowski, Matt Welch

Freedom Watch 86 is in the books. Check it out below.

Debra Medina

Karen Kwiatkowski on the war on terror.

Matt Welch on GOP confusion.

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Debra Medina
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Karen Kwiatkowski
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Matt Welch
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02/24/2010 Freedom Watch 86 Guests

Here are the guests scheduled for Today’s Freedom Watch.

  • Matt Welch
  • Debra Medina
  • Karen Kwiatkowski

We’ll have the show posted as soon as it becomes available or shortly thereafter.

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