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10/28/2009 Freedom Watch SPECIAL LIVE Episode from Drexel University

Here is the 10/28 episode that was broadcast live from Drexel University and featured panels composed of Jacob Hornberger (President of the Future of Freedom Foundation), and a variety of great guests.

Concept of a Just War:

Financial Fiasco:

Loss of Liberty:

The Freedom Movement:

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Podcast: 10/26/2009 Freedom Watch 49 w/ Dennis Young, Robert Higgs, Bart Frazier

Freedom Watch 49 audio podcast.

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10/30/2009 Freedom Watch 50 w/ Lew Rockwell, Walter E. Williams, Walter Block, Michael Ferguson

Here is Freedom Watch 50. The live event video from Wednesday is expected later today, but in the meantime here is another great episode of the show.

Lew Rockwell

Walter E. Williams

Walter Block

Michael Ferguson

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A Big Day For Freedom Watch

Later today the video for the Freedom Watch Live show from Drexel U in Philadelphia will be released as well as a new show. The show in Philadelphia was an excellent event that should get anyone excited about the prospects for liberty in the future due to the freedom loving young activists who appeared on the show along with Jacob Hornberger.

The new “regular” show today will include the following guests:

  • Lew Rockwell
  • Walter E. Williams
  • Walter Block
  • Mike Ferguson – Missouri Republican Liberty Caucus

As always we’ll post it all once it available at

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