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09/29/2009 Freedom Watch 39 Guests

The guests for Freedom Watch, edition 39 are:

  • Mike German – ACLU
  • Roger Pilon – CATO

Look for the show to be posted a bit later today.

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09/28/2009 Freedom Watch 38 w/ Ron Paul and Tom Woods

Episode 38 of Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano was recorded earlier today and is now available for viewing below and at

Dr. Ron Paul

Tom Woods

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09/28/2009 Freedom Watch 38 guests will discuss HR.1207 hearing

The Judge’s guests on Freedom Watch today (show 38) will discuss HR.1207 and the committee hearing last week.


  • Dr. Ron Paul
  • Tom Woods

Look for the show to be posted later today.

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The “Daily” Freedom Watch Schedule

There’s been a lot of confusion about the new Freedom Watch daily show as far as the schedule is concerned. I hope this clears things up a bit.

  1. The show is prerecorded every Monday through Thursday.
  2. On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays the show is recorded at 1pm, edited, then released later that same day. The time it is released is dependent upon the editing process. Sometimes the show may appear in the late afternoon (Eastern time) and other times it may appear in the early evening.
  3. The show recorded on Thursdays at 4pm is released on Friday in the afternoon. Again, the exact time  is determined by the editing process.
  4. So effectively, the show runs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday with no Thursday show.

This schedule is subject to change as studio time for recording the show may vary.

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