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Freedom Watch is back! Lineup for tomorrow’s show

Freedom Watch returns with a live show tomorrow at 2pm. Here is the run down:


Rep Ron Paul

Daniel Hannan

Peter Schiff

Lew Rockwell

Thomas E Woods

Tom Palmer

Shelly Roche





Federal Reserve

Growing liberty movement And much, much more!

Post your questions here between now and Wednesday: Want to interact with the panel live during the show?

Join Twitter (it’s free) and send your tweets to @shellyroche. Instructions here (don’t worry, it’s quick & easy): Be sure to tune in!!

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05/06/2009 Freedom Watch 13: The Best of Freedom Watch

This week Freedom Watch took a break and aired a “best of” show. It is captured for viewing below. I apologize for the bad audio/video sync. This week’s show captures some of the better moments in a show that is almost 100% good. Enjoy it below.

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Podcast – Freedom Watch 13: Best Of First 12 Show

Freedom Watch takes a week off, but will be back next week with a new live show. This week’s show is a “Best Of” compilation of clips from the first 12 shows.

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The Judge on Glenn Beck and O’reilly…

Judge Napolitano is scheduled to be on Glenn Beck’s radio show this morning around 9:30am. He is also scheduled to appear on the O’reilly Factor next Monday evening.

Of course, these appearances aren’t enough to tide you over ’till the next Freedom Watch, but maybe they’ll help a little.

Also, be sure to check out the best of Freedom Watch show today at 2pm.

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