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Understanding Fantastic art  – Digital fantasy art is gaining popularity, more proficient and more advanced than earlier. Is this relatively new art form worth studying or is it just a nuisance? Are you better learning better or it staying with traditional mediums?

The solution lies in many areas and depends on a great deal on you and your outlook on new technology. Additionally, it depends on if you find this new medium as a real art form or merely a technical means of the painting by numbers.

There are a number of ways to use this new medium. You can use it as an addition to your traditional artwork to improve it in some form. You can use it to create something from scratch. You can use it together with the many backgrounds, lighting, and models available to you.

The benefits are that it can be used to create a true 3D form, something unavailable in traditional painting mediums that are static forms. The biggest advantages to novices are it’s extremely forgiving. You may produce something and remove it with ease making the production of something rewarding much more likely. You may even start with backgrounds and models to assist you in your production, though you can opt to make your own. This is far more advanced and should be left until you’re familiar with all of the tools and techniques.

The versions can restrict your creative process, at least until you have either sufficient knowledge or enough resources to change them to your liking. The fact it’s extremely forgiving means that you may over tweak your job or not actually know when it’s completed or what angles to select. Additionally, there are lots of avenues to select from. Just like with traditional mediums you might not know whether you would like to use oils or watercolor, with digital fantasy art you might not know what gear to use.

Needless to say, you’ll also have to be proficient on the computer and not worry about using new items. This may be a problem for lots of folks that are at least in part technophobes.