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Another stellar lineup for Freedom Watch tomorrow April 1st, 2009

Another fantastic lineup for Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch this week (tomorrow). This week features a Freedom Watch investigation segment and the return of John Stossel and new guests, Thomas E. Woods and Gerald Celente (among others).

Freedom Watch investigation: EXCLUSIVE audiotape of a Ron Paul supporter detained at St. Louis airport.

Guests: Steve Bierfeldt – detained supporter & member of ‘Campaign for Liberty,’ Michael Ferguson – Missouri Libertarian party.

Rep Ron Paul, John Stossel, Gerald Celente, Thomas Woods and Peter Schiff.

MIAC report, G20 Summit, GM takeover, the Federal Reserve and transparency, summer of anarchy in Europe – is the U.S next? and much, much more!

Tune in tomorrow at 2pm EST online tomorrow (April 1st) as Freedom Watch airs its 8th episode in’s Strategy Room.

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Podcast – 03/25/2009 Freedom Watch 7: Glenn Beck, Shepard Smith, Peter Schiff, Lew Rockwell, David Boaz, Ron Paul

Podcast for Freedom Watch show 7.

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03/25/2009 Freedom Watch 7: Glenn Beck, Shepard Smith, Peter Schiff, Lew Rockwell, David Boaz, Ron Paul

Another great episode of Freedom Watch.

NOTE: If the embedded playlist below malfunctions feel free to watch the entire show via the direct youtube playlist page here.

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Freedom Watch guest lineup for this week

Update: Glenn Beck and Shepard Smith will kick off the show. For the rest see below.

Tune in tomorrow for the 7th installment of Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch online show on

Joining Judge Napolitano this week will be:

2:00-2:10 Glenn Beck and Shepard Smith start the show.

2:10 – 2:30 Peter Schiff (in studio) with Lew Rockwell (phone) including a special 10 minute segment from Schiff entitled “Protecting Your Assets, what you need to know about your money and investments.”

2:30 – 3:00 Ron Paul (from DC), Peter Schiff, and David Boaz (live from CATO)

Possibly other last minute guests as well.

The topics for the week will be: U.S. power to seize firms, possible 15 year depression, discussion of Austrian School of Economics, preview of Campaign for Liberty, St. Louis conference and much, much more.

Tune in tomorrow at 2pm for another great show!

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