Coping With Negative Feedback On Your Art Online: Learn, But Never Stop Loving Your Craft!

Coping With Negative Feedback On Your Art Online: Learn, But Never Stop Loving Your Craft!

If there is one challenge that artists most often experience, that is the lack of interesting ideas. Once fresh ideas come rushing in your head, you must continue the momentum by bringing these ideas into life through your artworks. However, we have no clue if many people will truly embrace your idea. It is sort of a given that not everyone is going to love your every work. You must expect that there will be a couple of negative feedback out there. That is where artists experience growth anyway, through constructive criticisms.

The thing is that, sometimes, negative comments tend to destroy our momentum. If there is one idea that you are really excited about but it did not gain encouraging reaction from your followers, that is one moment that you just could not accept. Where did I go wrong? Or did my followers simply have no idea how fantastic my idea actually is?

Learn How To Embrace Constructive Criticism

One way to sell your art to a wider audience is using the social media. There are great tips you can follow on how to build your art on Instagram. It will not take long until more people discover your talent and your concept, with your posts being shared and passed around by different social media users around the globe.

Although, the fact that your art will be displayed to a very wide audience via social media is a reason for you to read all sorts of comments. There will always be criticisms about your work. As an artist who finds it hard to keep going with your art, you must choose those criticisms that will truly help improve your craft. It is easy to spot the helpful comments from those who simply want to make you feel discouraged. Focus on those comments that provide suggestions.

When Constructive Criticisms Do Not Help

There are times when people who try to leave their criticisms constructively have not actually understood the concept that you are trying to show in your art. If you sense that there is a difference between your opinion, then you may take a moment to reply to it and try explaining your idea. Another thing that you should remember is to not let your art adjust to the views of the audience.

After all, it is the art who must incite reaction from the audience, and not the other way around.

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