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A lot of artists find their inspiration in nature since nature itself provides incalculable sources of inspiration.

Relieve Stress With Painting

It is actually very common for us to get drowned up with the hundreds of tasks we must accomplish every day. With this, we tend to forget our well healht. Yes, I know that you are gonna say that we must make a living so as to feed our family. I know, because I have been there, done that. Once a started working, I let my employers treat me like a machine, like i don’t deserve to get a rest or something. I almost always work too much that I am overseeing what it has been doing to my body. I prioritize other things and other people to before my health. It ended up ruining my sleeping habits because of depression and anxiety.

There was one time when I got burned out and I cannot seem to function well for at most two weeks. What I did was, I sent an email to my boss, stating that I will take two weeks off. And that was the time when I realized the importance of “me time” and doing something that really makes you happy and relieves your stress and anxiety.

During my break, i tried plenty of things such as playing a musical instrument, watching movies, and a lot more. But none of them are satisfying for me. Then one time I saw my sister drawing and then painting, then she tells me that it really does wonder to your physical and mental health. It does not only kills time but at the same time it exercises your brain in a relaxing way while boosting your creativity. I tried it, even though I am not really good at drawing. But that is not important. What is more important is that I am having a great time.

Then I decided to make it a lifetime hobby because it really helps me escape from all my worries. I bought beginner art supplies. But before that, I read online reviews at www.youreviewit.com of the items that I am planning to buy.

Art really moves everything. A lot of people just do not see it yet. But I believe that art is one of the best things in life that can be done by anyone at any age group.

How Drones are Changing Films

It is definitely obvious how drones are used in a lot of things these days. It´s remarkable how it changes our daily lives from the brand we are wearing to the technologies we are using and even to the modern and media arts. It is indeed revolutionizing!

Indeed, our films are becoming more and more amazing from one generation to another. If you can compare it to the usual films we used to enjoy, it is definitely too good to be true. That´s indeed the pleasure these drones give to u— it sends eyes where our bodies can’t easily go unencumbered.

Today, let us find out a few amazing ways how drones are used in modern filmmaking. Here are DJI drone reviews.


Why are Drones so Useful in Film Making


Drones are indeed have been made useful to society for quite some time now— indeed, since its existence. It has been used b industries like disaster recovery and global health. Not only in the medical industry but as well as the militaries.

So if these industries are using to have better coverage on land and views, then how much more for the filmmaking industries— yes, you are right! It is even better in the film industry.

Directors didn’t only see the potential for aerial shots per se, but for drones’ overall ability to offer new perspectives. But indeed, drones served its purpose, to ¨literally go to places people can´t get to.¨

Revitalizing Content

The world of media has really conquered the idea of using drones to its fullest extent. A lot of movies these days are shot using quadcopters and other drones. Filmmakers have fully grasped the idea of drone flight in their creative process and have managed to generate a wide range of new ideas and perspectives.

Drones are also extremely popular in the world of aerial photography. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you can most likely see the appeal of taking high-quality images from fresh perspectives. Drones allow you to reach many places that you cannot reach on foot, and the opportunity for creative photography is vast. Many consumer drones are developed with the specific purpose of aiding in commercial photography and videography.


Why Every Artist should have Instagram?

Today, social media is all in the rage. You can see tons of different platforms where you can join and create an account with. One of the most popular and biggest channels used by literally millions of people is Instagram. In fact, even artists have jumped into the bandwagon and created their own profile. If you too are wondering whether to join or not and thinking how it would help your art business, then make sure to read the entire content of this article.

However, there are artists who are reluctant to show their artwork using this platform for they see it as just a marketing burden.

Here’s the thing, compared to other social media channels known to man, Instagram is tailored for photos. From its user-friendly interface and stunning visuals, this application can effortlessly become your new favorite in sharing your art and showing your creative spirit at the same time. What’s more, you’d never know what opportunities and sales your account may lead to.

Setting a New World

Whether you believe it or not, Instagram has roughly 400 million active users every month and about 75 million of it are active users on a daily basis.

This is an enormous figure of users to potentially see your artwork. Instagram even has this “Search & Explore” feature to which art collectors and artists could sift through using hashtags. As for the artist’s part, this paves way for creating a new medium to bring their artworks closer to people.

It’s in Line with Your Skills and Talents

As you probably know already, Instagram is mainly visuals. Meaning to say, it can be the absolute perfect platform for you. This lets your imagery and art to be shown through its purest form. Sometimes, you do not even need to put fancy descriptions. The image alone says everything.

Instagram is crafted to be a socially-engaging gallery. People can also follow along, which is perfect for your art. You can even tell stories, share inspirations, disclose snippets of the process without saying a word. On top of that, you can also work with social media experts who can then deliver automatic likes on Instagram which then increases your followers and engagement.

Food Art: Proper Plating Tips and Tricks Before Posting on Social Media

Not all types of fruit or vegetables need to be peeled. But if you are going to peel, what is the best way?  In fact, there is an easy way, life hacking provides clarification.

Posting in social media is the best way to publicize your own work. Want to post more of your work on Youtube and get more views, just check out https://y.tools/buy-youtube-subscribers/.


Having a Hard time? These are the Best Way To Peel Fruits and Veggies


You have to peel ginger, and the best way to do this is to scrape the skin off the inside of a spoon. This way you lose very little usable ginger because you can peel very thinly. You can also put the piece of ginger in the freezer for an hour or two, then the peel will come off easily.


The skin of the avocado is best removed by cutting the avocado into quarters and then gently peeling the skin off with your fingers.


You can peel onions quite easily by cutting off the top and bottom and then cutting the side of the onion shallow. You can then pull the hard sheets off with your fingers.


You can easily eat kiwis by cutting them in half and spooning them out.


If you eat a peach fresh, it is best to leave the skin around it because it contains important nutrients. But if you are going to bake a cake with it or want to preserve the fruit, it is better to peel the fruit because the skin remains hard. Put the peaches in boiling water for about 60 seconds, and the skin is easily released.


With cucumber, most nutrients are in the skin, so it is better not to peel cucumbers. However, if you prefer to do this, it is best to use a peeler. If you want to get the seeds out, use a spoon for this.

Carrots and Potatoes

It is also better not to peel carrots and potatoes due to the fact that most nutrients are in the peel. Make sure you scrub the vegetables well and wash them with water.

Apples and Pears

You should not peel apples and pears. Most of the nutrients are in the skin, and the skin also contains a lot of fiber.

Marketing Art Through Social Media

There is passion in creating art. When you have discovered as early as 8 that you love drawing, and your parents, in fact, encouraged you to draw and paint at a much younger age, you are passionate about it and you love what you are doing.

The challenge is in marketing art. While there are many platforms to market art, the real challenge is how to get the artwork out there for viewers and buyers to see. Social media is perhaps one of the places that you can bring art.

Social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are just a few of the social media platforms that the artist can utilize. You can also experiment on video sharing sites like YouTube and TikTok. While in the beginning, it is a challenge to gain followers, you can always get the help of third-party applications like hypetik.com to boost your following on Tiktok.

Creating a profile with a huge number of likes and followers can somehow improve the artists’ credibility and may it look as somehow it has been liked for quite some time, and thus encourages others to do the same.

How to gain organic traffic through social media?

Here are contributions from influencers across social media platforms.

1. Use Twitter. Google makes use of Twitter to discover new content. Therefore, it is a good advise to use Twitter to an artist’s advantage.
2. Share your best content regularly. Sharing your content from your website allows you to increase traffic going to your artwork.
3. Share snippets, quotes, and images that will tickle the curiosity of viewers. This can organically grow traffic to your site.
4. Write compelling headlines that people will willingly share without qualms.
5. Use social media tools like FB live or IG stories. This will update your audience of the latest happenings in your artwork.
6. Write content of what is currently happening in your area. This will entice people to follow you.
7. The main topics you write and share should be in line with your goals.
8. Stick to a common theme to provide your audience authenticity.

Social Media For Artists!


There are more strategies than one, all are available for every artist to use and to take advantage of. It’s totally free and easy to follow. There may be times when organic traffic is slow but there could be instances that it is quick and immediate. Nonetheless, all strategies you take should conform to the standards accepted by the social media.

Will YouTube’s Purge of Closed and Spam Accounts Affect Search Visibility?

Last December 04, 2019, the YouTube Maintenance Team published an update in the YouTube Community page about the results of their latest routine audit of channel subscribers.

The update gave notice that a higher than usual number of closed and spam accounts have been purged and removed as compositions of subscriber count for some YouTube channels. The purpose of which, is to make clear the related metrics used by the YouTube search engine in ranking the channels of nearly 2 billion active users.



TeamYouTube further explained that regularly validating user accounts for genuineness and legitimacy is necessary. Doing so keeps the YouTube social media platform a fair and impartial Internet space for everyone who participates in the video-sharing activities. They also gave assurance to video uploaders that since the team only removed user accounts verified as closed or spam, the “Watch Time” related to their videos is not affected.

YouTube users who want to find out if their channel was included in the periodic purge can check their YouTube Analytics page. They can access it via the YouTube Studio and find the details by clicking on the “See More” prompt under the graph. The Subscription Source – Closed Accounts will show the closed and spam accounts that have been excluded from the count.

Is the “Watch Time” Metric More Important Than Subscriber Count?

Some years ago, the YouTube search engine received modifications on the algorithm used for ranking videos and channels. The change denoted that the search engine bots are to give greater weight to Watch Time over Video Views and Subscriber Count, when ranking the content and channels for search visibility,

Understanding the “Watch Time” Metric

The “Watch Time” metric is the length of time spent by active users in viewing a video. If a user clicks on a certain video and stays on it for at least 60 seconds, this is a watch time that adds value to the visibility of the YouTube content and its channel. As opposed to watch time that lasts for only one or two seconds, a short watch time suggests that the content did not provide the information being searched for by a YouTube user.



Although subscriber count is important, the number of views in addition to watch time has greater weight. A YouTube content may not have a huge number of subscribers to show; but if it has a greater number of views to combine with “Watch Time”, then the visibility of that video is further enhanced.

Nonetheless, improving one’s subscriber metric, especially for videos that furnish quality content is essential because competing for visibility is a tough challenge. The “Watch Time” and the “View” Metrics all depend on the video creator’s ability to come up with content that will result to longer and more frequent engagement with a channel. Increasing subscribers is not as easy, because it depends on every viewer’s decision, on whether or not they will respond positively lo calls for subscription action.

It takes time and more video content to grow the number of audience that decides to subscribe to a channel; yet there is a quicker way to go about it. Struggling YouTube users, particularly those relatively new to the  video-sharing platform, avail services offered by social media marketing experts. SMM-World for one, offers resources aimed at increasing YouTube subscriber metrics with genuine and legitimate accounts.


The Art of Getting Prepared for Paintball Activity

Considering that the paintball game has been discovered, many fans have discovered that this sport is an anxiety mitigator and a few have left a vocation from it. But funds are short for ordinary players and this prevents them from accepting their abilities to another level.

Mastering paintball can be achieved in many ways. Playing paintball requires vigorous physical activities: running, jumping, victualing right, lively ambulating, running and removing vices such as beverage smoking and medication must be procured to get in good form. Be well-intentioned. Publications, magazines, and Internet information are constantly readily available for gamers that wish to play with master the sport. The majority of the abilities
have to be learned during the playing of this game but hints are subsidiary also.

Paintball is a real world situation for the participant.

  1. It may sound absurd but endeavor growing your instincts at a grocery store.
  2. Visualize the paths of escape, at which other shoppers ‘ are and what your next step is.
  3. Prepare all of the gear and adjuncts which are required ahead of the match. Know that there are different types of paintball guns.
  4. Pack whatever you need in order to conserve time once the match has been played.
  5. Wear comfortable apparel that’s felicitous for your paintball match.
  6. Start looking for comfortable camouflaged items which are loose in order that types of kineticism are all facilely made.
  7. Don’t wear clothes which make sounds when going as this can lead another shooters for you.
  8. Afore the sport, if there’s time to use it, then get a sense of this area.
  9. As a result, a participant can picture the area , especially during daytime. Start Looking for obnubilating places as well as the areas where you are able to expect where the competitions might go.
  10. Posture plays a significant part in playing the sport.
  11. Ken your function at the paintball game so you can derive approaches not Just for yourself but for your entire be adaptable by transmuting approaches in each match.
  12. Opponents can visually perceive the routine of a participant and may use it against him when he does exactly the exact same thing each time.
  13. Review previous mistakes and endeavor to not do them .

Assessing the sport of paintball will take a while. Be patient, time and practice is more overriding than luxury gear. Playing paintball is custom writing.


Growing Your Cleaning Business With Social Media Platforms

Cleaning companies, like the cleaning company in Jeddah (source: https://www.masa7.com/clean-jeddah/) make certain that the best professional cleaning services are provided to ensure that clients’ expectations are satisfactorily met. Moreover, providing a great and satisfactory service does the business well.

Aside from client recommendations, numerous cleaning companies continue to be skeptical of promoting or advertising their services on social media platforms. Although others might have begun to plot a course in certain platforms, however still doubt its supposed value. In an industry that is extremely competitive, creating a network on social media is an excellent tool to keep clients informed as they engage potential clients.

Many cleaning entrepreneurs and marketers have turned their cleaning company into a very successful while making use of social media as they progress.  Here are some ways of utilizing social media and engaging targeted clienteles:

Initial Steps To Engage Targeted Clients

Be familiar with who your ideal clients are. It is essential for proprietors of cleaning businesses to know who their target clients are as well as to bear in mind an ideal profile of clients. Knowing who your target audience are and understanding the concerns, challenges and troubles they encounter on a daily basis would give you an idea which area to market your business.

Grow your social media presence. Build up a community on social media platforms organically. You would preferably want to have individuals who are drawn and interested in your business, which could be tricky. You could start to create a content for your media platform on a regularly. Create your own content or curate articles from other individuals. These contents might be greatly beneficial for your clients. As you share or publish contents, an opportunity to add your little content as well as tagging people will help in growing your social media presence.

Invest in quality images. Frequently, businesses have low-quality and unpleasing images and logos. Since majority of people are very visual, owners should make an investment in creating and having great quality visuals to draw in clients.

Engage your target audience as well as other audiences. If your cleaning business have just put into operation a new service or product, for instance, you should let them know of its benefits not only to your target audience but to other audience as well, as they may find it interesting and would share it to their own followers too. This is a wonderful way to engage your potential and prospective clients as well as other audiences.

Starting a Business with Vending machines

Vending machines are important to draw customers. That is the reason you need to be cautious to make certain you’re becoming the versions that include all bells and of the whistles which will make it appealing. At precisely the exact same time, you need to take into account the purchase price of this product to make certain you are not currently spending what you couldnt afford.

The fantastic news with this company is that there are numerous alternatives and you could select something in accordance with requirements and your selection. By way of instance, you can go with all the machines as a startup. There are different choices like the one which sells sandwiches or foods. You ought to take a look at the web for the sellers and sellers if you’re thinking about buying the sellers.

The first thing you have to do in order to begin your company is to perform a great deal of research. This is the measure that will inform you just how simple it’s to purchase the machines. The thing is at precisely the exact same time, you are able to establish the dimensions of the company and that you don’t have to have expertise.

Before beginning searching for the machine, it’s vital that you pay attention. To start with, you need to pick the sort of machine over you would like. This is supposed to be based on the business’ positioning. By way of instance, if you’re currently working in a crowded area, you may consider hot dog machines. You need to think about what foods they market and how the restaurant is. Again the food service functions well. Furthermore, they are successful in areas like airportsand bus station, office building etc..

A fantastic thing with all the machine is they can bring you cash right from your business’ day. But for you must make sure your vending machine is currently selling something suitable and intriguing . Your system is certain to be a hit, When you get started delivering this.

That doesn’t mean that you don’t have no duty. You should careful about the machine. In reality, you need to be certain that the foods are clean. Whenever you’ve got a food service vending machine, then you can sell anything beginning into the fruits and yogurt from the potato chips chocolate bars. You may sell the foods that the clients will heat up in your home.

Prior to starting a business, you need to check out the vending machines’ distributors. There’s Royal Vending machines [ https://www.royalvending.com.au/vending-machines-melbourne/ ] in melbourne that you can trust.The delivery cost will be significant, Although you are able to buy a machine from outside. You ought to begin considering the providers of the merchandise, after determining the sort of machine over. In this respect, you need to keep in mind that the machines that are brand new are more rewarding than the previous ones.