Artist: Learn, Create, and Restore

Artist: Learn, Create, and Restore


Being an artist does not really require a lot of things. The most important is your creativity. Why? Because if you are creative enough, you can make use of anything available to make an art.

Yes, before one become a professional artist, certificates and trainings are highly encouraged. We cannot deny the fact that clients and people tend to look on someone’s education before they appreciate that person. But what if, you do not have the resources for the trainings and to have certificates, all you can do is to make a name from scratch and be resourceful enough to make everything work.

Fortunately, all types of media are accessible and people can easily search for tips and suggestions for beginners when it comes to creating an artwork. Before making a research, decide on what kind of art you really want to make. This will give you a straight path and consistency, which is obviously important to target a specific market at first, then make the audience broader after.

Creating an art will of course need materials. It does not have to be expensive. Again, art most of the time is just about creativity with expression and reflection. As an artist, it is you who will decide if your work will be an objective or a subjective one. It could be based on facts or personal opinions. After deciding of what you want to express, think of an available resource you have to make it happen and finish your work.

Artwork, if done wholeheartedly, can be seen by how you value it. So also consider reading articles about restoration. Be open on the possibilities that in time, you will be needing to retouch your art. Restoring an artwork is not as easy as finding a professional from You as the creator will be the one to restore it so you must have the knowledge how.

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