Relieve Stress With Painting

Relieve Stress With Painting

It is actually very common for us to get drowned up with the hundreds of tasks we must accomplish every day. With this, we tend to forget our well healht. Yes, I know that you are gonna say that we must make a living so as to feed our family. I know, because I have been there, done that. Once a started working, I let my employers treat me like a machine, like i don’t deserve to get a rest or something. I almost always work too much that I am overseeing what it has been doing to my body. I prioritize other things and other people to before my health. It ended up ruining my sleeping habits because of depression and anxiety.

There was one time when I got burned out and I cannot seem to function well for at most two weeks. What I did was, I sent an email to my boss, stating that I will take two weeks off. And that was the time when I realized the importance of “me time” and doing something that really makes you happy and relieves your stress and anxiety.

During my break, i tried plenty of things such as playing a musical instrument, watching movies, and a lot more. But none of them are satisfying for me. Then one time I saw my sister drawing and then painting, then she tells me that it really does wonder to your physical and mental health. It does not only kills time but at the same time it exercises your brain in a relaxing way while boosting your creativity. I tried it, even though I am not really good at drawing. But that is not important. What is more important is that I am having a great time.

Then I decided to make it a lifetime hobby because it really helps me escape from all my worries. I bought beginner art supplies. But before that, I read online reviews at of the items that I am planning to buy.

Art really moves everything. A lot of people just do not see it yet. But I believe that art is one of the best things in life that can be done by anyone at any age group.

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