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Air dates for Judge Napolitano’s Constitution special

As announced earlier this week the Judge will be recording a 5 part series on the Constitution. Here are a few more details from the show’s producer:

[The] 5-part series on the Constitution will begin airing this Monday on the The Judge will make daily appearances of Fox & Friends each morning promoting each package that will air on the website that day. The series is called “The Constitution and Freedom.

As always we’ll keep you posted on any more new developments.

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Judge Napolitano brings you: The Constitution

Our founding document may be virtually shredded by our modern day leaders but if the Judge has his way the Constitution will be front and center in the debate in the coming months.

This is what the Judge is working on (in part) during this Freedom Watch hiatus…

A 5 part video series with 5 individual packages of 5 minutes each on:

  1. The Constitution
  2. The Constitution and the Congress
  3. The Constitution and the President
  4. The Constitution and the Courts
  5. The Constitution and the States

The exact release dates/times for this series are not known at this time, but the series will be published on for viewing sometime either next week or the following week. Exact publication dates and times will be forthcoming once they are confirmed.

Some more good news: Judge Napolitano will be guest hosting the Glenn Beck show tomorrow afternoon at 5pm EST so be sure to tune in.

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