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More guests for the Freedom Watch Tea Party Summit: Rand Paul, Jim DeMint, others

Joining Judge Napolitano for his Freedom Watch television debut will be a few more stellar guests. Earlier it was announced that Ron Paul and Sarah Palin would be joining the show.

Now we’ve received word that the following guests are also scheduled to appear:

  • Dr. Rand Paul
  • Senator Jim DeMint
  • Rep. Michelle Bachman
  • Dick Armey

Tune in this Saturday at 10am Eastern to Fox Business Channel for the debut.

If you won’t be around to catch it then be sure to set your DVR. Also note that the show will re-air at 8pm Saturday and Sunday, and again at 11pm Sunday night.

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Big News! Freedom Watch w/ Judge Napolitano TV debut date and first guests

It was announced awhile ago that Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano would be moving to the Fox Business Channel. Now we’ve received word about when it will air and a few more details on the new show.

The latest word is that the first show will air at 10am Eastern on Saturday June 12th with rebroadcasts at 8pm that day and again on Sunday at 8pm and 11pm.

The first show promises to be a great one with Ron Paul and Sarah Palin (and others) expected to take part in a “Tea Party Summit”.

June 12th, 2010 will be a great day for liberty! Get everyone you know to watch the show. Spread the word!

NOTE: If your cable supplier does not carry Fox Business Channel then contact them and ask them to do so today!

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Freedom Watch guests for today…

Coming up a bit later on today’s Freedom Watch Judge Napolitano welcomes…

  • Dr. Rand Paul
  • Jesse Ventura
  • And more…

We’ll post it as soon as it is made available by Fox, as usual.

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Another Freedom Watch LIVE Event: Ron Paul and the Judge in Ohio

On Monday, March 8th at 7pm Eastern Freedom Watch will be broadcast live from Ohio State University. The event is sponsored by the Ohio State University chapter of the Young Americans for Liberty (YAL).

You can watch the show live at

The event will last for 2 hours. The second hour features a speech by Congressman Ron Paul. Singer/Songwriter Jordan Page will also be performing. You can watch a video (recorded just after CPAC in Washington DC) for his song, “Liberty”, below.

Full details for the event are available at

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