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This week’s Freedom Watch guests include Ann Coulter, Michael Scheuer, more

Judge Napolitano highlighted some the guests and topics for Freedom Watch this weekend on Twitter. See what the Judge has in store for this weekend’s show below.

Freedom Watch Smackdown! Kane (aka Glenn Jacobs), WWE Champion and libertarian hero takes on Big Government with his tag team buddy… Frederic Bastiat? You’re never going to believe this! Saturday 10AM & 8PM EDT and Sunday 7PM & 11PM.

‎”I think Afghanistan should not be the focus of a land war.” Is Ann Coulter going rogue? Is she more Ron Paul or Sarah Palin? Ann discusses the most popular article she’s ever written on Michael Steele and the Neocons!

The WaPo article that shocked a nation! General Wesley Clark, CIA Bin Laden Hunter Michael Scheuer, Libertarian Bob Barr on the growth of the National Security State. Who benefits from the waste most, Big Brother, Bumbling Bureaucrats, or Terrorists? No matter what, you lose. Freedom Watch is your Night Watchman, manni…ng the ramparts in the fight for liberty!

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Upcoming Freedom Watch guests include Beck, Stossel, Gillespie, more

The Judge posted the following on his Facebook page regarding some of his guests for Freedom Watch this weekend:

Beck and The Judge Smash the State! Freedom Watch brings on Glenn Beck to take on the Black Panther Case and Obama’s Bailout Mania! This Saturday 10AM & 8PM EDT and Sunday 7PM & 11PM.


Are libertarians on the rise? If so, where should they exert their newfound influence? Should they “go rogue”, or form a broader alliance with the GOP to fight statism? Stossel, Gillespie, and Virginia Postrel team up with the Judge. Freedom Watch is your Night Watchman!

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This week’s guests on Freedom Watch include Lou Dobbs, Sharron Angle, more

From Judge Napolitano’s Facebook page comes news of this week’s Freedom Watch guests:

Freedom Watch raises the Gadsden Flags! NeoCons, Libertarians, and Democrats tangle over Afghanistan! Does Lou Dobbs think illegal immigrants have Natural Rights? Freedom Fighters Charles Gasparino, Nancy Skinner, Radio/Media Personality Official Page, and Donald J. Boudreaux duke it out on Recession, and Big Oil woes…. Sat. 10AM & 8PM EST & Sun. 7PM & 11PM EDT.


Sharron Angle is on the front lines of the Tea Party Revolution! Will she succumb to pressure to moderate her views or will she carry forward the freedom message to the Senate? This weekend on Freedom Watch!

Tune in on Saturday morning (or watch one of the rebroadcasts).

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Freedom Watch guests for Saturday, Tom Woods, Peter Schiff, more

Here’s the announcement for this weekend’s show on the Fox Business Channel from the Judge’s Facebook page:

4th of July Freedom Watch Spectacular! Is Geraldo more libertarian than I am? Tom Woods on whether the states can nullify unconstitutional Federal laws. Peter Schiff on Krugmans Depression, and Cong. Bob Barr and Gov. Gary Johnson give their State of the Surveillance Union.

Saturday 10AM & 8PM EDT and Sunday 7PM & 11PM

Don’t forget to tune in and/or set your DVRs!

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