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08/10/2010 Freedom Watch Freedom Week w/ Bill O’Reilly, Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, more

Freedom Watch Freedom Week continues with Ron Paul visiting Judge Napolitano on Tuesday’s prime time show. Watch it the rest of the week at 9pm Eastern on Fox Business Channel.


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08/09/2010 Freedom Watch Freedom Week w/ Bill Kristol, Bob Barr, Jacob Hornberger, Neil Cavuto, Michelle Bachmann, more

Here is the first edition of Freedom Watch during Freedom Week. This is Monday’s show. Be sure to tune in to Fox Business Channel at 9pm Eastern every evening this week to watch the show!


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08/07/2010 Freedom Watch w/ Tom Woods, Karl Rove, Ken Cuccinelli, more

The latest edition of Freedom Watch is now ready for your liberty-seeking eyes. Check it out below and remember, next week is a special week for Freedom Watch. It will air every weeknight at 9pm Eastern on Fox Business Channel. Be sure to watch!


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07/31/2010 Freedom Watch w/ Julian Assange, Justin Raimondo, Lew Rockwell, more

This weekend’s Freedom Watch was another great one with Wikileaks’ Julian Assange, Lew Rockwell, and Justin Raimondo joining the Judge. Check it out below.


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