Podcast: 05/26/2010 Freedom Watch 115 w/ Dale Peterson, Daniel Hannan, Bruce Bartlett

Freedom Watch 115 audio podcast.



  1. jason brandenburg Said,

    June 13, 2010 @ 7:45 pm

    I'm hooked. Judge, your television show is every bit as good as the webcast is. Keep it up, the freedom message seems to be taking hold, but there is a long way to go. The primaries and upcoming elections are only the start.

  2. Carole R. Cohen Feltus Said,

    June 13, 2010 @ 9:46 pm

    Dear Judge Napolitano, Thank God! You Judge Napolitanop, Congressman Dr. Ron Paul & Dr. Rand Paul, “The Dream Team.” I have a dream & a payer to FINALLY have our hero Cong. Dr. Paul in our White House as our 2012 President. For decades he has conducted himself as our real Constitutional President. I believe without a doubt, Cong. Paul won New Hampshire presidential primary. The corrupted vote ballots put a catastrophic nightmare in our highest office. Our citizens have been brain washed along with the rest of the world in thinking that it is a “Democracy” they need to give them freedom. No! WE ARE A REPUBLIC!! Even our pledge to our flag says so. Please try to unbrainwash our Americans who are still uninformed of our Constitutional limited REPUBLIC which is supposed to have a limited representative government, not an evil global corporate elite treasonous, tyranny, destructive gang! When I was only about 11 or twelve years old, a major UN conference was televised. A young American diplomat asked the Russian leader Krustchev what he thought about communism in the United States? In Krustchev’s arrogant behavior he replied; Not need communist party in United States!! Have…..LIBERALS!!! While only a child, it alarmed me. It left a warning impression on me, and remained in my memory. You are a courageous, brilliant, wonderful Godly man. Your Freedom Watch program couldn’t be soon enough. Damages & crisis events are so rapid & so many, I shudder the thought of being able to survive the damages until 2012. We are illegally invaded. The entire universe has “had enough”.The Tea Partiers will have to succeed in making the strongest tea ever brewed. We need to be rescued and returned to a country and world fit for all of mankind. A million thanks to your great caring efforts. And Ron Paul is my President. He doesn’t need to be in the White House. He’s spotless just the way he is. I would like to see Ron Paul in the White House. You Judge Napolitano as his Vice president. Then You as President with Rand Paul as Vice President, & then Rand Paul as President with his pick as Vice President. I remain with prayerful honor. Carole R. Cohen Feltus, your grateful friend.