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What is Computer Graphics? – Many of us were amazed by realistic feeling and experience used by movies, animation, and videos games. But do you have any idea what’s the concept and principles of computer graphics are made of?

Picture – is only an artwork that resembles an individual or a physical thing. This representation of a physical thing or person could be either two dimensional or three dimensional. Optical devices such as mirrors, lenses, cameras are utilized to capture these images. A digital picture is a representation of a 2-dimensional image in binary format, which is, as a sequence of 1s and 0s. Raster and vector graphics are the 2 kinds of digital images. However, the raster graphics are the most frequently used.

3D projection – This sort of projection is used broadly and most preferably in CG, drafting, and technology. It’s a system of mapping 3 points. At present, the only airplane is used for displaying data.

Rendering – can be really a way employing a computer application to automatically process a photo-realistic or non-photorealistic image in the 2D or 3D version. The version includes view, geometry, texture, and lighting etc. The image might be described as a raster images image or electronic image. To make the final picture output signal, this procedure is employed for its calculating effects within a video editing document.

Ray tracing – Using this technique an image could be generated by tracing the path of the light ray through the pixel in an image plane. It has the ability to create images with extreme photorealism at a greater computational price.

Shading – It pertains to depicting examples or thickness in 3D units in distinct shadow levels. There are lots of methods of planting at which the vertical lines have been used a criss-cross pattern to color a room.

Texture mapping – This approach is used for incorporating surface texture, color or some other detail into a 3D model or a computer-generated picture. A texture map can be mapped into the surface of a shape, state polygon.