Podcast: 04/13/2010 Freedom Watch 102 w/ David Boaz, Kirkpatrick Sale, Walter Williams

Freedom Watch 102 audio podcast.


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  1. Judge no one Said,

    April 20, 2010 @ 6:47 pm

    Are you mentally unstable Judge. Marijuana should be legalized? Are you the Antichrist or something? Look silly man, human being are naturally destructive. Give them freedom? Some people cant handle freedom, and you should know that if you are really a judge. So what makes you think legalizing this crap could be maintained as "safe" and for how long do you think it will remain in the confines as a freedom and not personal destruction? Some dont know there arse from their face. So if you think legalizing marijuana is a good thing, just picture the after affects of your grandchildren! Smoking pot will lead to other drug use and hence it will be a cover up for smoking crack, meth and other very very desctructive and violent drugs. Your giving them a scapegoat to where they can mask the other drug use and say "Hey im just smokin marijuana"! wth are you thinking man. You give them freedom in that sense, and your just asking for anarchy and the end to the US of A itself. Get you head out of your arse and think like a normal person… god damn liberals.. brain wired like a vw.