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03/22/2010 Freedom Watch 95 w/ Jesse Ventura, Tom Woods, Rand Paul

Freedom Watch 95 w/ Judge Napolitano is now ready for viewing.

Jesse Ventura on American conspiracies.

Tom Woods on State’s Rights vs. Federal Law.

Rand Paul on the Tea Part vs. the establishment.

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Tom Woods
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Rand Paul
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Podcast: 03/17/2010 Freedom Watch 94 w/ Michael Cannon, Damon Root, Walter E. Williams

Freedom Watch 94 audio podcast.

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Podcast: 03/15/2010 Freedom Watch 93 w/ Walter Block, Jacob Hornberger, Paul Armentano, Paul Farrell

Freedom Watch 93 audio podcast.

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Freedom Watch guests for today…

Coming up a bit later on today’s Freedom Watch Judge Napolitano welcomes…

  • Dr. Rand Paul
  • Jesse Ventura
  • And more…

We’ll post it as soon as it is made available by Fox, as usual.

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