Podcast: 03/17/2010 Freedom Watch 94 w/ Michael Cannon, Damon Root, Walter E. Williams

Freedom Watch 94 audio podcast.


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  1. jeffersonianideal Said,

    March 23, 2010 @ 12:43 pm

    Professor Williams, you had me until you brought in the heaven delusion. And the typically rational and insightful Judge Andrew Napolitano, who, at the start of each episode of “Freedom Watch”, deliberately uses the phrase, “natural rights” instead of “god-given rights,” must have had a momentary lapse in judgment. I was surprised that the Judge let forth this placating viewpoint: “Absolutely,” Napolitano said, referring to Professor Williams’ utterance about the need for a Bill Of Rights in heaven, “it would be an entirely superfluous document.”

    “Natural rights,” is a term that was purposely used by Thomas Jefferson . It was a safety mechanism, in order to validate and preserve fundamental rights since a plausible case could be made, even in Jefferson's time, that god may be a manifestation of the deluded mind.

    Assuming a mythical place like heaven exists and it turns out to be the utopia so many have dreamed of, a Bill Of Rights may not be needed. Unless of course an all merciful, just and benevolent god were to start behaving badly. A god who begins to assume the persona of a mortal king by ushering in barbaric decrees. Pronouncements such as the stoning of adulterous women and disobedient children, ritualistic genital mutilation or the arbitrary destruction of human life. Other than that, citizens should feel confident, based on god’s behavioral history that their rights and liberties will be preserved on just a wing and a prayer. No need for a formal contract with the almighty. And if it turns out that god’s word isn’t his bond, it may ultimately be humanity’s bond, with shackles included.