03/09/2010 Freedom Watch 91 w/ Stan Lee, Radley Balko, David Ratowitz

Freedom Watch 91 is now ready for your liberty-loving eyes below.

Rep. Stan Lee on Kentucky sovereignty.

Radley Balko on inner-city policing.

David Ratowitz on Liberty vs. Chicago

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Stan Lee
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Radley Balko
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David Ratowitz
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  1. Theo Espinosa Said,

    March 11, 2010 @ 2:22 am

    I am a loan officer working in California and very concerned with the way Gov has taking control of our business. Later this year, loan officers will be required to be fingerprinted, have background checks, and have their credit reviewed to determine if they meet certain qualification to provide loans to their clients. I can understand background checks to determine if they were convicted of any fraud, but my concern is that government will determine if your FICO score meet their qualifications for them to grant you permission to work and are financial stable. This is not a requirement for certified financial advisors, why should it be a requirement of loan officers. Many people are going through tough times. I never imagined living in a country that would eliminate your ability to work because you had trouble paying your creditors.

  2. Theo Espinosa Said,

    March 11, 2010 @ 2:41 am

    This comment is to address the new appraisal requirements for obtaining a home loan. Earlier this year, lenders were required to order their appraisal reports through and new process called HVCC. The new appraisal process, regulated by government, has caused many issues. Home owners pay more for the service and often need to pay for several appraisal reports for a number of reasons. However, the biggest impact this new process has caused is too much government intervention which has impacted how real estate appreciates. We all hear that real estate has not performed well and have not seen any or little appreciation. However, in some areas, home prices should have increased if it weren't for strict HVCC requirements restricting appraisers to recognize appreciating markets as before. This is sad, but the housing market is no longer a free market. Values of homes are being controlled by Government, which is preventing many homeowners from refinancing their home into a more stable mortgage.

  3. JimInZelie Said,

    March 11, 2010 @ 5:55 pm

    Of course the mortgage home loan market is not free. It was not free when the FED fixes interest rates below the market rate. That was to the advantage of debtors. The boom turned to bust. Now the FED continues to intervene to maintain below market interest rates and therefore home prices above the level in a free market. And the additional intervention that the regulators impose are more appraisals and reporting to protect the taxpayer (that is the story, in fact they protect the regulators). When the first intervention fails the blame is not on the interventionist FED and congress but the market and the solution is more intervention. This is the hidden cost (or not so hidden) of the intervention to keep home prices from declining to a market level. That is the effect of the intervention, higher prices, not lower.

  4. JimInZelie Said,

    March 11, 2010 @ 5:59 pm

    Could an individual stopped ask for Miranda, assert 5th amendment against self-incrimination, decline to empty pockets and not be charged with exposing the product?