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Podcast: 01/13/2010 Freedom Watch 70 w/ Ron Paul, Radley Balko, Robert Higgs

Freedom Watch 70 audio podcast. Note: the final segment with Robert Higgs cuts off before the end which occurred within the video segment as provided by FOX.

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01/20/2010 Freedom Watch 71 Guests

The lineup for the next Freedom Watch (Number 71) is available below.

  • Damon Root
  • Jim Bovard
  • Jacob Hornberger

We’ll post the show once it is made available later today.

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01/15/2010 Judge Napolitano’s “The Constitution and Freedom” Part 5

The final part of the Judge’s great educational series on the U.S. Constitution has been posted.

Please see the special page we set up containing links to all the parts along with the embedded playlist to watch
the entire series:

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01/14/2010 Judge Napolitano’s “The Constitution and Freedom” Part 4

Here is part 4 of Judge Andrew Napolitano’s series called “The Constitution and Freedom”. Today’s segment he discusses the Constitution and the courts.

NOTE: You can watch the entire series here.


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