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11/11/2009 Freedom Watch 56 w/ Gary Johnson, Shelly Roche, Lew Rockwell, Peter Schiff

Freedom Watch version 56 is now ready for your viewing pleasure.

Gary Johnson

Shelly Roche

Lew Rockwell and Peter Schiff on Bernanke, the Fed, and Barney Frank

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11/11/2009 Freedom Watch 56 Guests

Gary Johnson’s appearance on Freedom Watch was postponed from yesterday until today. The Judge welcomes back some regulars to the show today as well.


  • Gary Johnson
  • Lew Rockwell
  • Shelly Roche

Look for the show to be posted later today/tonight.

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Podcast: 11/09/2009 Freedom Watch 54 w/ Aaron Houston, Jake Towne, Noah Shachtman

Freedom Watch 54 audio podcast.

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11/10/2009 Freedom Watch 55 w/ Damon Root, Karen Kwiatkowski

Today on Freedom Watch the Judge discusses how FDR diminshed the rights of Americans, and a discussion of finalizing our efforts in Afghanistan.  Gary Johnson’s appearance has been postponed until tomorrow.

Damon Root

Karen Kwiatkowski

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