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Did you know what’s Vector and Raster is?

Vector Art – is made up of mathematically defined geometric shapes which are normally generated using drawing or illustration computer programs. Vector artwork is comprised of lines, fills, and objects. The specified shapes are constructed from mathematical equations which are saved within the file. Vector art entails both size and direction.

An vector art is easily modified within the computer program it was made in and isn’t greatly changed when scaled (expanding or diminishing size). Since vector files are mathematically defined, scaling only requires modification of the mathematics equation. Vector files don’t encourage picture images very well and can become an issue when exchanging them over different platforms. Vector artwork is typically stored in an EPS or PDF format. Vector work is excellent for logo design. Even though it’s a bit more challenging to make a vector logo, it pays off when using it across different media.

Raster Art – are photos produced by digital image capture devices like digital scanners or cameras, or from pixel editing apps. Raster art is made up of a dot-matrix (grid) or bitmap of electronic picture elements (pixels). Pixels are assigned a coloring and are shaped. A couple of tiny pixels in a row create that which we perceive while the image.

It’s not hard to convert from vector artwork to raster, but moving from raster to vector is considerably harder and typically leads to loss of information and quality. Raster art doesn’t scale up well but may be scaled without sacrificing quality. When printing a banner or sign, the raster logo will be scaled up and become badly deteriorated and pixelated.