05/06/2009 Freedom Watch 13: The Best of Freedom Watch

This week Freedom Watch took a break and aired a “best of” show. It is captured for viewing below. I apologize for the bad audio/video sync. This week’s show captures some of the better moments in a show that is almost 100% good. Enjoy it below.


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  1. nametooshort Said,

    May 12, 2009 @ 5:53 am

    OK Judge, time to relook, retake, what the world knew that the US didn't and still doesn't know and it is really strange that the US people have no idea what everyone else knows and has known for at least the last 15 years. In short, a friend of mine and myself calculated in 1996 that the US had between 10 and 15 years of bulsht and lies left before their house of cards fell apart and the truth about the greenback was shown to the US population…but we knew that they would not understand due to below minimum education standards. Don't read this wrong, I like the US to a good degree, I would never move a country like that as I love my freedom too much.

    As just ordinary people, my buddie Vaughn and I had the US economic picture tracked from 1996 and we are not ron paul nor peter schiff …..bottom line is that your political and financial people are and have been lying to you and all of the US ..and..everyone seems to want to believe the lies. End of story. the world has been telling you that your greed does in fact have an end and if you continue the power shift to Asia will happen sooner ( within 1 year of the collapse ) rather than 3 year norm for defaulting countries and the US is at present a defaulter.

    Freedom watch– you guys have a job that will expire with your inclusion into the axis of evil and your obama leader has already taken you there without you or anyone else even noticing….sorry judge but that is the way it really is rather than the way it seems …not sure if I have seen a more captive and controlled population as the US is.