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Talk To The Judge, Promote Freedom Watch

Judge Napolitano is hosting his radio show solo this week. “Brian and The Judge” airs weekdays at 9am Eastern. If you can’t get enough of Freedom Watch then this is a great opportunity to call in to the radio show and extend the liberty discussion to even more people. Why not call him up and tell him how much you love Freedom Watch?

Listen live:
Sirius Ch 145
XM Ch 168

Call the show: 1-866-408-7669

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04/15/2009 Freedom Watch 10: Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Lew Rockwell, Michelle Muccio, Dr. Liam Fox, Shelly Roche

The Tax Day edition of Freedom Watch is complete. Check it out below. If the embedded playlist doesn’t work properly feel free to watch the playlist on youtube here.

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Freedom Watch guests for this week 04/15/2009 TAX DAY!

Tomorrow’s installment of Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano appears to be another good one.


Ron Paul – On HR1207 and the DHS Report on Right Wing Extremism

Peter Schiff – Euro Pacific Capital

Lew and

Dr. Liam Fox – UK Shadow Defense Minister

Michelle Muccio – The Rebel Economist

Shelly – A Freedom Watch social media experiment. Shelly will be on the set monitoring the Tea Party “conversation” on Twitter. Send your “tweets” to Shelly throughout the show: See MORE DETAILS HERE.

Tune in tomorrow beginning at 2pm EST for the Tax Day version of Freedom Watch.

Also, Judge Napolitano is broadcasting his radio show “Brian and The Judge” solo all week long. His co-host is on vacation. Please call in to the show and discuss the day’s topics from the “freedom” perspective to help spread the message. It airs every weekday morning beginning at 9am on, on Sirius-XM satellite radio, and local Fox radio affiliates. The phone number is 1-866-408-7669.

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Podcast – 04/08/2009 Freedom Watch 9: Daniel Hannan, Peter Schiff, Lew Rockwell, Steve Bierfeldt, Michael German, Michelle Muccio, Mike Ferguson

Freedom Watch show 9 podcast.

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