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04/22/2009 Freedom Watch 11: Shepherd Smith, Ron Paul, Trace Gallagher, James Bovard, Pastor Steve Anderson, Shelly Roche

Shepherd Smith (a last minute replacement guest for Glenn Beck) provided some passion while discussing torture, including the use of an expletive to hammer his point home. Ron Paul and The Judge were able to dig a deeper into some of the topics provided by the viewers. Another great show. Watch it below in it’s entirety.

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Freedom Watch Guest Lineup For Tomorrow 04/22/2009

UPDATE 4/22: New experiment for you non-twitterers – a Freedom Watch chat room.  Join us here: (thanks to shirkdog for setting this up). Also Glenn Beck will no longer be able to appear on the show. Shephard Smith will take his place.

Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano continues with its 11th show tomorrow. Looks like it will be another great one. Here is the rundown on guests and topics:


  • Glenn Beck Shephard Smith
  • Ron Paul
  • Lew Rockwell
  • Jim Bovard – The Future of Freedom Foundation (FFF)
  • Shelly Roche – Doing the Twitter and interactive thing again
  • Pastor Steve Anderson – Pastor who was tazed and beaten at a border checkpoint.


  • DHS/FBI report on right-wing extremism
  • Torture Memos
  • “Constitution-free” zones
  • Secession

Don’t forget to get interactive with the show by sending your “tweets” to Shelly Roche during the show: @shellyroche. Also post and vote for show topics, questions, and future potential guests at Please note there are three forums accessible on the right sidebar of the page. There is one for posting questions related to this week’s show topics, another for posting topic ideas for upcoming shows, and one for posting requests for specific guests. All posts can be voted on as well. Do it now. Tune in tomorrow at 2pm Eastern for another great show.

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Submit Your Questions for Wednesday’s “Freedom Watch”

This week’s “Freedom Watch” topics will be (a) DHS and FBI reports on right-wing extremism, and (b) DoJ torture memos.  Confirmed guests are Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell and of course, the Judge will be hosting.   The rest of the guest lineup will be announced tomorrow.

The Judge will be asking your questions and reading your reactions throughout the show,  so post them here between now and Wednesday morning.


Post off-topic thoughts &  show ideas here:

On Wednesday during the show, Shelly Roche will be taking live reactions/questions via Twitter (send your tweets to “@shellyroche“) during the show to be read at the end of the show.  Several quick guides to getting started on twitter are posted here.

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Podcast – 04/15/2009 Freedom Watch 10: Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Lew Rockwell, Michelle Muccio, Dr. Liam Fox, Shelly Roche

Freedom Watch show 10 Podcast.

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