Lineup for Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch tomorrow – 03/18/2009

UPDATE: Michelle Muccio will not be on the show this week after all. Taking her place on the show will be Mark Skousen.

We are very excited to announce the lineup for Judge Napolitano’s show Freedom Watch airing LIVE tomorrow in the strategy room from 2pm to 3pm Eastern.

As mentioned in the previous update the show will be cross-broadcast on Alex Jones’ radio show from 2pm – 2:10pm.

Also joining the Judge this week will be:

In studio: Cody Willard (Fox Business Happy Hour) and new guests Andy Levy (Fox Red Eye) and Mark Skousen

On phone: Lew Rockwell and Peter Schiff.

Live video feed (2nd half of show): Ron Paul and new guest Michelle Muccio (Acton Institute).

Also, there may be one more surprise guest added to the lineup at the last minute.

NOTE: Catch Judge Napolitano on Glenn Beck’s FOX TV show this afternoon between 5pm and 6pm talking AIG.

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  1. Detective_Krum Said,

    March 18, 2009 @ 7:53 pm

    Judge, I love ya. Great to see the Missouri Police will see Ron Paul bumper stickers and label you as a terrorist too. You are refreshing and having Ron Paul and Peter Schiff on to explain the money issues so clearly is refreshing common sense. I agree whole heartedly, Contract Law is crucial to freedom. As to NY, Rhode Island and Texas right to secede, I think the states sovereignty movement is more the states flexing their constitutional authority and not secession. As a constitutional law examiner, it appears the constitution has been abrogated years ago as Dr. Paul said. Keep up the good work and I added your Freedom Watch link to an extra site we have.

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